Halloween Decorations Skeleton Stakes, Garden Graveyard Yard Lawn Stakes

Halloween Decorations Skeleton Stakes

Halloween Decorations Skeleton Stakes, Garden Graveyard Yard Lawn Stakes, Halloween Yard Decorations, Ground Breaker Skeleton for Outdoor Halloween Decorations Halloween Déco

  • 【Package Includes】1 Skull(14x25CM) & Two skeleton arms with plastic stakes (49CM). The arm stakes work well at holding them in anywhere. No assembly required. These scary accessories look creepy and add a strong eerie atmosphere for the Halloween party.
  • 【High Quality 】Realistic skeleton stakes each body part bones are made with hard durable and environmentally friendly plastic that will not break easily. The jaw of the skull can adjust the opening and closing of the mouth and the palm can be adjusted at the wrist.
  • 【Halloween Skeleton】It looks pretty cool that someone's under your lawn and trying to get out. It will definitely give your home a spook factor.
  • 【Easy to Install】Simply insert the arms stakes into ground on a lawn or flower bed and put skull head between them, or you can just place them anywhere you woulde like to decorate.Extremely horrible.
  • 【Halloween Decorations】These halloween skeleton were truly restores the size of adult bones, looks terrifying, place the skull and arms on a lawn or flower bed to complete the illusion of a scary skeleton trapped in the ground, perfect for the Halloween horror atmosphere. Great for theme party, haunted house, graveyard, garden, yard, lawn, etc.

1 Skull, Two Skeleton Arms with 5” Plastic Stakes and Each Arm Measures 20” from Bottom of Stake to Tip of Fingers.

Dimensions: 36.9 x 18.5 x 15 cm; 377 Grams
Model: 3-1
Part: NO
Manufacture: leixinxin