Dehumidifiers for Home, EEIEER 520ml/D Dehumidifier Compact and Portable Mini

Dehumidifiers for Home

Dehumidifiers for Home, EEIEER 520ml/D Dehumidifier Compact and Portable Mini Air Dehumidifier with 2.5L Water Tank for Damp, Mould, Moisture in Home, Kitchen,Bedroom,Caravan,Office,Bathroom,Baseme

  • ♨【2023 Updated High Efficiency Dehumidification】Removes moisture quickly and quietly with 2023 update advanced semiconductor technology. Our EEIEER dehumidifier's enhanced performance offers high-efficiency dehumidification. Capable of extracting above 520ml water daily from air with 30℃ temperature and 80% RH, featuring a detachable 2.5L large capacity tank for ample storage and hassle-free cleaning. You no longer need to endure humid days and enjoy a comfortable living environment.
  • ✔【Auto Shut-Off & Keep Safe】This mini dehumidifiers for home features an auto-off function that will stop working automatically if the water tank is full, and with warning sound indicate to remind you empty the water, easy to use, simply empty the tank and continue enjoying comfort and health. and It's safe for 24 hours around running even if no one is at home.
  • ❤【Ultra-Quiet, Sleep-Friendly】Many conventional dehumidifiers operate with high noise levels, making it hard to fall asleep, while our small dehumidifiers with advanced technology reduce the operating noise to less than 35db without compromising dehumidification efficiency, creating an ideal sleep environment. It's important to choose efficient but quiet dehumidifiers for home.
  • ✦【Auto Defrost and Purification Dehumidifier】Defrost Protection fuction operates flawlessly even at low temperatures. Automatically activates Defrost Mode to prevent frost formation and ensure uninterrupted performance. Protects against damage for long-lasting use. press the power key 3 seconds for running the purification fuction of purify to get a healthy living environment and enjoy comfortable life!
  • ▲【Portable & Compact Design】Size: 9*6*13.6in/23*15*34.5cm. Easy to control with the touch screen and easy to place anywhere. Lightweight and portable, this dehumidifiers for home can be positioned in various spaces such as the bedroom, bathroom, closet, kitchen, cabinet, garage, RV, and more. Say goodbye to damp troubles with this efficient solution! (Power: 60 watts. Water Tank: 2.5L)
Weight: 2.75 kg
Dimensions: 15 x 23 x 34 cm; 2.75 Kilograms
Colour: White

Product Description

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Warm Tips for Better Use

  • ✔ The small dehumidification performance is affected by many factors, such as environmental humidity, temperature, space size, airflow speed(windows or doors closed or not) and so on.
  • ✔ Operating temperature: The optimum room temperature is 5℃-50℃. If the air temperature is <15℃, the effect of dehumidification is not obvious, and it will not work <5℃.
  • ✔ Operating humidity: The optimum room humidity is 30%RH-80%RH, temperature ≥ 5℃. If the humidity is <80%RH, the dehumidifier usually does not remove 520ml a day.
  • ✔ Keep the air inlets and air outlets free from being blocked when the dehumidifier is working. Check the environmental humidity and temperature met basic requirements.

dehumidifier for bedroomdehumidifiers for home
Dehumidity Capacity 520ml 10L
Water tank 2.5L 2.5L
Control Touch Touch
Mode Continuous Dehumidification Auto/Constant/Sleep Mode
Noise 35db 50db
Timer No Timer 24H
Drain Water Manual Auto/Manual
Auto Shut Off