Dryer, Touch Screen Automatic Dryer, Portable Dryer Machine, Mini Laundry Dryer


Dryer, Touch Screen Automatic Dryer, Portable Dryer Machine, Mini Laundry Dryer, Foldable Dryer Machine, Electric Dryer Machine, Fast Clothes Dryer for Delicate Garments Underwear Kids Clothes

  • Use Easily: The maximum drying time is 240 minutes. Clothes Dryer Portable s equipped with remote control. You can set the temperature and drying time according to different clothes and season requirements.
  • Safe for You: Clothes Portable Dryer adopts convection heating, constant temperature, and uniform penetration. Effectively prevent safety hazards caused by excessive temperature. Quickly remove peculiar smell and feature a safe overheat protection function.
  • Selected Material: Small Clothes Dryer has great quality with selected PC material. Household Dryer Machine is waterproof, corosion-resistant, and high-temperature resistant.
  • Ideal Clothes Dryer: Electric Clothes Dryer can realize low-frequency quiet operation. Great for drying and warming clothes and shoes. Soft-sound operation is carefully cared for without disturbing others.
  • Save Drying Time: Portable Clothes Dryer features 3200-speed drying with high wind power. 3D uniform heat dissipation design speeds up air convection, sweeps away moisture and can dry multiple clothes at once. Suitable for fast-drying clothes while keeping them soft and comfortable.

The shell of Electric Clothes Dryer is made of selected PC material, which is corosion-resistant, wear-resistant and durable. This portable electric silent clothes dryer we have prepared for you is versatile and very practical.

Product Name: Portable Electric Clothes Dryer
Material: PC
color: White
Three gears adjustment: cold wind gear / low heat gear / high heat gear
Heating method: PTC five-layer heating
Host power: 1200-1500W
Working temperature: 60-70°
Working noise: less than 45 decibels
Product size: 29x22x16cm/11.42×8.66×6.3in
Product weight: 1050g

Packing List: Electric Clothes Dryer*1

Weight: 1.05 kg
Colour: White