Massage Gun, HOPOSO Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager, 4800RPM

Massage Gun

Massage Gun, HOPOSO Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager, 4800RPM Professional Electric Handheld Muscle Gun with 8 Massage Heads 30 Speed Levels for Muscle Recovery Body Pain Relief – Carbo

  • 【Professional Multifunctional Massage Gun】 HOPOSO Massage gun is used to relieve whole body muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood and lymph circulation as well as accelerate body recovery. It is a physical therapy gun that prevents inflammation caused by adhesions between fascia and muscles, long-term use can improves the overall health of the body's soft tissues. Suitable for athletes, fitness trainers, outdoor fitness enthusiasts, physical therapists, elderly, etc.
  • 【30 Speed Modes & 8 Customised Heads】The deep tissue massage gun provides 8 customised massage heads with 30 adjustable speed modes, you can choose the most suitable massage head and speeds according to different parts of your body. Brings you a relaxing massage experience, activates muscles, promotes blood flow, greatly shortens muscle recovery time therefore to relieve pain in muscle tissues all over the body.
  • 【Super Quiet & Powerful Massager】 Unlike other noisy massagers, HOPOSO Massager Gun adopts a high quality motor, high-precision moulds connect the head to the body tightly, which effectively reduces the noise during the running process, super quiet about 42 db.With advanced cooling system, it can run for a long time, 1200 (low)-4800 (high)/minute powerful power, adjustable frequency according to different parts of the massage, suitable for anytime, anywhere use.
  • 【USB Rechargeable & Cordless】The cordless massager is equipped with a high-quality lithium battery, so it can keep working about 10 hours(Lowest gear) after per charge ,max gear is about 8 hours. Charging time is: 4 hours, The body massager has an LED battery indicator so you don't have to worry about power outages.
  • 【Brilliant Design & Ideal Gifts】The HOPOSO Massage Gun weighs about 1kg (2.2lbs) and the ergonomically designed handle is made of durable, non-slip silicone material making the massager easy and comfortable to use.Comes with a portable suitcase that can hold the massage gun and all its accessories.HOPOSO massage gun is an ideal gift for parents, fitness, friends and family.

Product Description

HOPOSOLCDPowerful Motorlong battery lifemassage gunprofessional muscle massager gun

8 Replacement massage heads for body massager

Flexible selection according to the different parts

1.Round Head: For large muscle groups such as arms, back, hips.

2.Taper Head: For or deep tissue such as merdians,joints,palmas.

3.Flat Head: For relaxing and shaping each muscle part,sensitive muscles relaxation back.

4.‘U’ Shape Head: For neck,spinal and Achilles tendon massage.

5.Thumb Head:For massage soft tissue abdominal muscles.

6.Spade Shaped Head:Used for whole body bones muscle relaxation.

7. Crescent Head: Used for shoulders and legs.

8. Convex Head: Used for quads, gluteal.


1: The battery is not replaceable, please not to pull the battery out.

2: The product received is charged via a USB-C to USB-A cable included in the package.

3: Do not use the massage machine while charging.

4: Do not charge in environments that are too hot or too humid.

5: Please refer to the instruction manual for correct use.

6: Please do not use if there are metal objects in the body.

Technical Specifications:

  • Working Time: 6-8 hours
  • Adjustable Level: 30 levels
  • Frequency: 1200 – 4800 rpm
  • Noise Level: < 45db
  • Net Weight: 2.2lb (0.94KG)