Nasal Aspirator Baby, AOSITE Baby Nose Sucker 9 Suction Levels Electric Nasal

Nasal Aspirator Baby

Nasal Aspirator Baby, AOSITE Baby Nose Sucker 9 Suction Levels Electric Nasal Aspirator for Babies Rechargeable Automatic Nose Cleaner with 3 Size Silicone Tips Nose Suction for Newborn Toddle

  • Powerful Suction: Aosite baby nasal aspirator is designed 9 adjustable suction level, more suction adjustment is optional and more easiler adjust the strength to suit your baby's comfort, reaching up to 65kpa. It has the stronger suction, stabilization and controllability compared to handheld nasal aspirators, effortlessly clearing nasal mucus and boogers.
  • Safe, Comfort and Health: The gentle, safe and soft tip of the baby nasal aspirator is made of A+ medical grade silicone, 3 different size tips are specially designed for delicate noses, which fit more closely into the nasal cavity and draw out nasal secretions at different depths, solving your baby's stuffy nose easily and will not harm your baby's nasal mucous membranes. Passed UKCA, FDA and other professional certifications, quality is guaranteed.
  • Scientific Separate Design: The traditional nasal aspirator baby suction head, reservoir and reservoir base are mostly integrated design, there are dead corners when cleaning, and it is easy to aging and leakage after many times of disassembling and assembling. Aosite electric nose clearner adopts scientific split design, which is convenient for cleaning and avoiding the problem of leakage at the same time.
  • Easy to Clean: The baby nasal aspirator adopts the technology of separating the air reservoir from the air inlet, one-way air intake and anti-reverse flow slot to prevent secretions backflow. Detachable design, easy to use, you only need to clean the snot reservoir and silicone tip after use, which is convenient to clean.(Warm tips: Do not use tap water to clean, it is recommended to use the use boiled (and cooled) or distilled water only.)
  • Value for Money: With large LCD display, built-in 2500mAH battery, Type-C charging, the easiest to use. Including a storage bag, which allows you to pack the nasal aspirator accessory take it on any trip, this is a baby necessities, the best choice for new moms and dads!
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Nasal Aspirator Baby