QcoQce Car Windscreen Cover, Magnetic Snow Cover, Windshield Cover with Side

QcoQce Car Windscreen Cover

QcoQce Car Windscreen Cover, Magnetic Snow Cover, Windshield Cover with Side Wing Mirror Cover, Frost Guard for Cars(145×118cm)

  • ✔ Standard Size: 145×118cm,perfectly covers the entire front window,suitable for standard small and medium-sized cars.
  • ✔ Extra Thick Material: 4 layers (PE aluminum film + needle cotton + silk cotton + non-woven new material), ultra-thick material, double-sided aluminum coating, temperature resistant, tear resistant, durable.
  • ✔ Strong and Durable: 3 pieces of magnets contained in the material, superior adsorption, and not scratching your car surface, more advantages and convenience than most of the suction cup and wiper fixed Car Windshield Cover.
  • ✔ Wind and Snow Protection: Double-sided aluminum coating that is waterproof, windproof, temperature resistant and winter resistant to hail, helping you keep the front screen of the car clear on cold snowy days.
  • ✔ Portable and Collapsible: The snow cover is a soft material that can be folded and placed in the car, which can be carried around without taking up space. It is very convenient.

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QcoQce Car Windscreen Cover

Protects against snow, ice, frost, sun, dust, leaves and rain. Save time clearing snow and washing car windows.

  1. Snow & Frost Protection

  2. 4 Layers of Thick Material

  3. Magnetic Windscreen Cover

  4. Leaves & Dust Protection

  5. Sun Protection

Weight: 620 g
Dimensions: 31.8 x 24 x 4.7 cm; 620 Grams
Brand: QcoQce
Manufacture: QcoQce
Reference: STSD-DXZ-UK

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