XXL Rat Traps – 2 Pack Large Heavy Duty Reusable, Rodent Vermin solution, UK

XXL Rat Traps - 2 Pack Large Heavy Duty Reusable

XXL Rat Traps – 2 Pack Large Heavy Duty Reusable, Rodent Vermin solution, UK Seller, by Mamax

  • 2 x Oversized Extra Large Heavy Duty Rat Traps. 21cm x 11.5cm . ,Smaller standard traps (14cm x 7.5cm) are less likely to catch the rats simply due to size. They do work but the chancr of them escaping from smaller traps increases. Our spring mechanisms are very powerful and so kill instantly .
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors in the garden. outside of the chicken pen for example. Note – if being placed outside please be sure to place out of sight of birds etc in a purpose made tunnel to avoid unintended birds and animals being caught.
  • Our Traps are made from high quality materials and have very sensitive and powerful springs that get the job done! They will catch both mice and large rats.
  • Mamax Rat traps are easy to use. Simply remove the bait cup from the bottom of the trap. Bait with peanut butter , Snickers or Mars Bar for best results. Remember and pack the bait tightly into the cup so that it cannot be easily removed. Replace the bait cup and push back the lever using the palm of your hand then SLOWLY release the pressure and the trigger mechanism will catch the treadle. Place the noew set trap carefully along skirtings, or anywhere that you see signs of rodent activity.
  • Should you for any reason have any issues setting the trap please get in touch with us for assistance.

XXL Rat Traps. Oversized Rat Traps big enough for the largest Rats. By Mamax (UK Seller)

Safety Warning

Keep Away From Children and Pets.

Dimensions: 21 x 11.2 x 13.5 cm; 326 Grams
Model: ORT2
Part: OSRT2
Manufacture: MAMAX