PVC Kitchen Stove Gap Covers Strip,Flexible Glossy Self-Adhesive Countertop

PVC Kitchen Stove Gap Covers Strip

PVC Kitchen Stove Gap Covers Strip,Flexible Glossy Self-Adhesive Countertop Cooker Gap Covers, for Seals Gap Between Stovetops & Counters Washer & Dryer.Heat Resistant & Easy to Clean, 39″ × 2 Pack

  • BRAND NEW UPGRADE: Our gap cover strips are completely different from other products on the market. The flexible mirror (glossy) covering strips we designed are different from other matte surfaces. It has a more powerful anti-stain function and will not accumulate dust. Great for helping gap covering strips stay clean and stain-free. It has strong adhesive on the back to hold the gap cover strip in place.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The kitchen stove gap cover strip is made of high quality, flexible, heat-resistant PVC, which can withstand high temperatures and will not melt or deform, please avoid direct contact with the flame/pot. We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from to match your different stove tile colors.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL GAPS ON THE SAME PLANE: Rubber kitchen stove gap cover is suitable for covering and connecting all gaps on the same plane. Use it between the stove and counter to prevent food crumbs from spreading into tiny, hard-to-reach crevices. Can also be applied to cover the gap between the washer and dryer (same plane).
  • EASY TO USE: Our stove gap cover strips are very easy to install. You can use our peel and stick function to install easily. You only need to peel off the sticker on the adhesive backing to install. The flexible material allows you to easily cut it to the length you need without the need for professional tools.
  • MORE APPLICATIONS: Not only can it be used to cover the gaps between kitchen stoves, washing machines and dryers, cover and connect gaps between floors and tiles, floors and floors, it can also be pasted on the walls of garages. Prevent the door from hitting the wall and causing damage to the door after opening.

PVC Kitchen Stove Gap Covers Strip
It’s self-adhesive, peel and stick;
It is made of high-quality PVC material, it is flexible and can be cut according to needs;
It can cover all Its width is 2 inches (5 cm) and length is 39 inches, 2 pack.
When the temperature is relatively low, the PVC gap cover strip will harden, and a hot air fan can be used to heat it. After it softens, the installation will be easier.
Note: Please do not install it on uneven floors, wet floors or countertops. Please clean the installation site before installation to ensure it is clean and dry.

Weight: 510 g
Dimensions: 99 x 5 x 0.4 cm; 510 Grams
Part: Stove Gap Covers-2pack
Colour: C
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No