ShinyCar® UK: Premium 8Pcs Car Wash Tool Cleaning Kit With Bag: Microfibre

ShinyCar® UK: Premium 8Pcs Car Wash Tool Cleaning Kit With Bag: Microfibre Valet Washing Mitts

ShinyCar® UK: Premium 8Pcs Car Wash Tool Cleaning Kit With Bag: Microfibre Valet Washing Mitts, Exterior Drying Towel, Waffle Cloths, Alloy Wheel Brush, Detailing Brushes, Valeting Product, Gift Se

  • ✔ CHENILLE WASH MITT & 2 IN 1 CORAL FLEECE / BUG REMOVING POLYMESH MITT- These are soft, plush & fit beautifully onto your hands. The polymesh mitten is great for tree sap, insects and bird droppings! The coral fleece side can also be used for polishing. The blue noodle glove mitt holds plenty of water and soap suds (without getting too heavy)- much safer and more efficient than sponges! We’d recommend using a two bucket method (a bucket for shampoo & another for plain water to rinse the mitts).
  • ✔ LUXURIOUSLY THICK 800 GSM CORAL FLEECE DRYING TOWEL – This luxuriously soft 50cm x 50cm, microfibre, lint-free, high pile, plush drying towel absorbs huge amounts of water. We believe it’s amongst the biggest and best in any car washing kit on the market! It’s certainly much safer to use than your old chamois/ shammy cloth, and can be used on the inside or outside bodywork of your vehicle. The ultimate essential item in pro car care!
  • ✔ 2 x LARGE 300 GSM MICROFIBRE WAFFLE WEAVE TOWELS – These high quality 50cm x 50cm cloths are again, some of the biggest that you will find in any automotive wash kit! Ideal to dry or polish glass windows (including windscreen & mirrors) to achieve an expert, steak-free shine!
  • ✔ PREMIUM WHEEL CLEANING BRUSH – This brush is durable, with non-abrasive nylon bristles that are designed to break up and remove wheel dirt, brake dust & grime. The rubber-grip handle increases stability when wet. A must-have wheel maintenance accessory!
  • ✔ 2 x PROFESSIONAL DETAILING BRUSHES – Professional medium/ large detail brushes with soft synthetic bristles for ultimate detailing. They gently remove dirt/ dust from air vents, dashboards, badges, chrome bodywork, plastic surfaces, wheel nuts, fuel caps/ flaps, inner doors & hard-to-reach places. For complete interior & exterior use, to help achieve that new vehicle look (for cars, vans, trucks, caravans, motorhomes and motorbikes- to name a few)!
Weight: 780 g
Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 0.5 cm; 780 Grams
Brand: ShinyCar
Model: ShinyCar Premium 8 Piece Car Wash Kit
Colour: Blue

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