Gosimida Baby Support Sofa Chair, Animal Shaped Cushion Seat For Learning To

Animal Shaped Cushion Seat For Learning To Sit

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  • ✰Easy to Use: Experience unparalleled convenience with this toddler support seat that perfectly caters to ages 0-9 years. With a back height of 45 cm, front height of 45 cm, and base width of 45 cm: the ergonomic design is perfect for comfortable sitting and proper posture.
  • ✰360 Support: Our Toddler Support Seat delivers all-round comfort with support, ensuring your little kids stay put and enjoy plush 360 cushioning.
  • ✰Work Well for You: The toddler support seat has a humanized zipper design that makes it convenient for disassembly and cleaning. You can remove the cover and wash it by hand or machine, keeping your baby's seat well-maintained and hygienic.
  • ✰Exquisite Craftsmanship: Baby Support Sofa Chair is designed for easy cleaning with a convenient humanized zipper design. The seat is also engineered to stabilize your child's back, sides, and legs while they learn to sit down quickly, making it the perfect seat for a comfortable and safe posture.
  • ✰Soft Touches: Crafted with soft to touch materials, our Toddler Support Seat is filled with PP cotton to ensure your child's comfort and safety. Perfect for studying or curling up with a favorite book, this seat provides a supportive design that keeps your little kid cozy and happy.

The Toddler Learning Seat wraps your little kid securely in plush comfort with soft touches. Convenient to operate, it’s designed to help children learn to sit down quickly. Portable and convenient, it’s perfect for on-the-go learning.

Name: Toddler Support Seat
Material: plush + PP cotton
Product size: (approx.)45*45*45cm/17.72*17.72*17.72 inches
Weight: 1700g
Style: monkey, caterpillar, bee, hamster, gray elephant

Packing List:
1* Toddler Support Seat

Weight: 1.43 kg
Model: 1
Pack Quantity: 1
Quantity: 1