Gosimida Bath Chair for Baby from 6 Months Plus, Baby Sit Up Bath Seat, Baby

for 6-18 Month Girls and Boys

Gosimida Bath Chair for Baby from 6 Months Plus, Baby Sit Up Bath Seat, Baby Shower Chair, Non-Slip Bath Seat for 6-18 Month Toddler Anti-Rollover Skin Friendly Heat Resistant Bathroom Sea

  • ☟Low-Temperature And High-Temperature Resistant: The PP and TPR materials of this baby bath chair are durable and flexible in different temperatures. They do not emit any unpleasant smell or harm your baby's skin.
  • ☟Suction Cup Design: This baby bath chair has a strong suction cup design that keeps it firmly attached to the bottom of the tub. You can rest assured that your baby will not slip or slide while bathing.
  • ☟Avoid Scoliosis: This baby bath chair allows your baby to sit in the tub with confidence and comfort, as it prevents scoliosis and keeps their spine and back bones safe. Because of this chair, their bones and spine grow healthily.
  • ☟Children'S Dining Chair: This baby bath chair can be used as a children's play seat or a feeding seat. It is suitable for all kinds of bathtubs, making bath time easier and more fun for you and your baby.
  • ☟Prevent Children From Slipping: This baby bath chair is created to ensure your baby's health and comfort in the bathtub. It has a curved shape that stops children from slipping and rolling over and a soft mesh that supports their necks.


This baby bath chair is a great solution for making bath time easy and fun. It is made of skin-friendly material that is gentle on your baby’s skin. It has a big suction cup on the bottom that attaches firmly to the tub and prevents slipping. It also supports your baby’s spine and posture and helps avoid scoliosis. You can also use it as a feeding seat when your baby needs a snack. This baby bath chair is a smart choice for every parent who wants to pamper their baby.

Material: PP, TPR
Size: 32x32x21cm/12x12x8in
Weight: about 1000g

Packing List:
toddler bathtub seat*1

Weight: 978 g
Pack Quantity: 1
Quantity: 1
Reference: TSRL3UVIVW57VMEP91