Pelsee P1 Duo Dash Cam Front and Rear, 4K Single Front Dash Camera, 2K/1080P

4K Single Front Dash Camera

Pelsee P1 Duo Dash Cam Front and Rear, 4K Single Front Dash Camera, 2K/1080P Dual Car Camera for Cars, Built-in Wi-Fi,1.5” IPS Display Mini Dashcam,Night Vision,Voice Control,24H Parking Mode,G-Senso

  • 【Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear】Pelsee P1 Duo 4K Dash Cam, featuring the option of using 4K single front camera or combining the 2K front with a 1080P rear view camera, capture clear footage even at a distance.With a 19.7-foot extension cable, it's tailored for various vehicle types including cars, jeeps, and trucks.
  • 【Hands-Free Smart Voice Control】 Experience the hands-free convenience of smart voice control with the P1 Duo car camera. With six responsive voice commands, it ensures a more convenient and secure travel experience. Simply speak to turn on or off recording audio, take photos and lock video
  • 【Built-in Wi-Fi & APP Control】 Enjoy real-time video previews and easily share your travel moments with friends and family. With fast WiFi and the dedicated 'Pelsee Cam' app, you can download, view, playback, and edit footage directly from your smartphone. Connect effortlessly and start recording!
  • 【24 Hours Parking Monitoring】-The dash camera automatically activates when your car is parked, ensuring continuous surveillance and protection. The Time-lapse Recording function compresses every 30 minutes of video,saving power and storage space.
  • 【Super Night Vision】Experience exceptional night vision with the Pelsee P1 Duo dash cam front and rear. Its advanced sensor automatically adjusts exposure in dark conditions, ensuring clear imaging even in low light. With a 1.5/F aperture and 6-layer lens, this car camera excels at capturing details in low-light conditions and minimizes glare distortion from daylight or vehicles behind you.
  • 【Loop Recording/G-sensor】the car dash cam automatically overwrites the oldest files, ensuring continuous recording even when the card reaches full capacity; G-sensor detects sudden collisions or impacts, instantly locking the corresponding footage from being overwritten

Product Description

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1Loop Recording2Emergency Auto Lock

24-Hour Parking Mode


24-Hour Recording

Continuous 24-hour recording ensures ongoing monitoring, even during parked periods. The dash cam automatically locks footage upon detecting sudden collisions or impacts. Note: Time-lapse and normal modes can be adjusted independently or activated simultaneously for added flexibility.

Pelsee Dash Cam

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P1 Duo Dash Cam

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P10 Pro Mirror Dash Cam

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Price £66.99£159.99£111.99£119.99
Screen 1.5'' LCD Screen 2.35'' IPS Screen 12'' Touch Screen 10'' Touch Screen
Resolution 2K(F) + 1080P(R) 4K(F) + 1080P(I)+ 1080P(R) 4K(F) + 1080P(R) 4K(F) + 1080P(R)
Wi-Fi Connectivity
Parking Monitor
Smart Driving Assistance
Voice Control
Recommended SD Card 32GB~256GB, Class 10 32GB~256GB,64GB Card included 32GB~256GB, 32GB Card included 32GB~256GB, 32GB Card included