Killer Nun (Region-Free, Uncut, Restored, Numbered


Killer Nun (Region-Free, Uncut, Restored, Numbered

Dubbed the sex symbol of the silver screen, Anita Ekberg, renowned for her iconic frolicking in the Trevi Fountain in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, delivers an amazing powerhouse performance in THE KILLER NUN. In an interview exclusive to this edition, Ekberg reveals her frustration with subsequent “bombshell” typecasting, expressing a preference for working on films like Killer Nun and boldly declaring, “This is the kind of film I like!”

Originally banned as a Video Nasty, Killer Nun is a true “Nunsploitation” great, which uniquely crosses into the Giallo genre. Presented here uncut and pristinely restored from a 2K scan of the camera negative, this release finally does justice to the uninhibited and frenzied vision of its creator. With impressive high-style photography and vivid, deliciously surreal murders, it is superbly enhanced by the dreamy yet dystopian score of AlessandroAlessandroni (immortalised by his twangy guitar and his legendary whistling in Sergio Leone’s westerns). The music itself is a manic masterpiece.

Based on a true story, Ekberg’s tour-de-force performance portrays a nun who turns junkie and engages in robbery, possibly torture and murder of pensioners in a Church-run Elderly Care Home – all while luring young nuns with her sapphic desires! The Nun is abetted by a hunky doctor played by Andy Warhol’s superstar protégé, Joe D’Alessandro (lionised as “Little Joe” in Lou Reed’s famed Walk On The Wild Side).

Special Features:

  • Interview with Fellini’s muse and iconic Sex-Symbol Anita Ekberg – “After La Dolce Vita”
  • Interview with director Giulio Berruti – “God is the Drug”
  • Audio commentary by UK Film-Critic and Genre-Expert Rachael Nisbet
  • English + separate alternative Original Audio versions.
  • New English Subtitles & additional SDH
  • New Full 1080P 1.85:1 Widescreen Blu-ray Encode