2024 Newest WiFi Extender Booster,4 Antennas Up to 5000 Square Feet and 50+

2024 Newest WiFi Extender Booster

2024 Newest WiFi Extender Booster,4 Antennas Up to 5000 Square Feet and 50+ Devices,WIFI Repeater,Wireless Internet Repeater with Ethernet Port,1-Click Setup,Access Point,Alexa Compatible-White

  • 【Newest Super Signal Coverage】:This WiFi Extender connects to 4 external antennas and uses the newest super signal coverage technology to overcome wall obstacles, ensure coverage without blind spots, and provide faster and wider signal coverage. Using a new chip, it runs fast without lag, and the transmission rate is up to 300Mbps, allowing you to enjoy online games, video conferencing, and even 4K high-definition videos at home at any time.
  • 【Multiple Mode Support】:This WiFi Range Extender device supports multiple modes such as AP, relay, routing, client, etc. The setup is simple. Users can follow the quick installation guide to select the desired mode for expansion, play in different scenarios, and enjoy whole-house WiFi.
  • 【Network Security and Environmental Protection】:This WiFi Extender improves network security and creates a healthy and environmentally friendly Internet environment. Prevent cyber theft, protect data, reduce interference and privacy issues, and are made from flame-retardant, skin-friendly, environmentally friendly materials. Supports WPA/WPA2 security protocols and is suitable for a variety of scenarios.
  • 【Wide Compatibility】:Compatible with any wireless network devices, routers, modems and Wi-Fi devices that comply with 802.11N/B/G protocol, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, etc.
  • 【Easy Setup】:Simply press the WPS button to connect to your device within 1 minute, making it convenient and quick. Additionally, its compact, plug-in design allows for easy portability. You can also configure it using a web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, following the user manual for straightforward setup without the need for complex steps or technical expertise. We offer 24-hour technical support and a 36-month warranty.

Product List:

1 x wireless repeater

1 x RJ-45 network cable

1 x Plug(UK)

1 x Quick Installation Guide


easy installation

Debugging is very simple: connect the repeater to the router, press first the WPS button on the router and then the WPS button (RE) on the repeater and in a few seconds it will be integrated into the home Wi-Fi wireless network . that’s all!

Universal compatibility

The range extender is compatible with all routers that support the 802.11 b/g/n standard, making wireless network expansion and upgrades simple and fast.

Connect wired devices

Thanks to the integrated Ethernet port, wired network devices without native WLAN capabilities, such as Blu-ray readers, game consoles and smart TVs, can be easily integrated into the home network.

Multifunctional design

The compact and practical design of the wall socket simplifies deployment and movement in a flexible manner.

Kind tips:

1: The signal amplifier must know the WiFi password of the upper-level router before it can be used. Broadband must be installed at home.

2: The signal amplifier must be placed in a position that can stably receive signals of 2 bars or more. You can change it several times to find the best position.

3: If you don’t know how to use the signal amplifier, be sure to contact after-sales personnel to teach you how to use it.