KAPEYDESI Gaming headset for PS5 PS4 PC MAC, Wireless Gaming Headphones

Wireless Gaming Headphones with Mirophone

KAPEYDESI Gaming headset for PS5 PS4 PC MAC, Wireless Gaming Headphones with Mirophone, Black

  • [Lag-Free Experience] Immerse yourself in your gaming adventures without experiencing any noticeable delays. This PC gaming headset comes with a 2.4GHz receiver that ensures extremely low latency, with a delay of less than 20ms. The PS4 gaming headphones
  • [Comfortable Over-Ear Design] Designed for comfort and extended wear, these Bluetooth headphones gaming feature a breathable fabric lining that prevents sweating. The wide headband, with its protective padding, exerts minimal pressure on your head. Moreover, the ultra-lightweight design of this ps5 wireless headset makes it feel like a feather gently resting on your head.
  • [Noise-Canceling Mic Design] Equipped with an omnidirectional detachable microphone, this pc gaming headset can effectively eliminate ambient noise, ensuring top-notch sound quality. The flexible microphone arm is adjustable and can be easily detached when not in use. When the microphone is activated, a blue indicator light will illuminate.
  • [High-Performance Wireless Headphones] This wireless gaming headset utilizes a 2.4GHz receiver, allowing you to connect it to your PC, Mac ,Switch, PS4, and PS5. Moreover, with just a double-click of the power button, it can be transformed into a Bluetooth gaming headset that is compatible with your mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Additionally, it also comes with a 3.5mm audio cable for seamless connectivity with the Xbox one Series (in wired mode, the device must be turned off).
  • [Up to 40-Hour Battery Life] Enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions with this wireless PS5 headset that offers an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours on a single charge. The battery life for the PS4 wireless headset extends to 25 hours when the RGB light is turned off. If the battery charge drops below 3%, a voice alert will notify you. And charging the headset to full capacity only takes 2.5 hours.

Product Description

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Face Adaptive Adjustment

The ear shell design is adaptable and can be adjusted to conform to different facial contours, ensuring a comfortable fit for all wearers.

Extension Headbeam

The padded headrest of the PS4 wireless headset evenly eases pressure, while the adjustable headband fits various head sizes.

Gaming Headset with Microphone

The detachable and flexible microphone ensures it doesn't hinder your movements or become an obstruction when you do not need this mic.