GeeekPi 8U Server Rack DeskPi RackMate T1 Rackmount Server Case for Network


GeeekPi 8U Server Rack DeskPi RackMate T1 Rackmount Server Case for Network, Servers, Audio, Video Equipment, Mini Server Computer Case made of Aluminium alloy and Acrylic Frame Metal Rack Mou

  • 【DeskPi RackMate T1】It's made of aluminum alloy and acrylic frame mini chassis which you can setup your own cluster or home assistant server.
  • 【10-inch width】The cabinet has a width of 10 inches, which is a relatively small size that saves space while accommodating sufficient equipment. With dimensions of 11×7.8×16 inches, it is suitable for small offices, home environments, and large enterprises looking to save space.
  • 【Open Design】The cabinet adopts an open design, allowing easy access to all devices inside. This design facilitates equipment installation and maintenance, aids in device cooling, and maintains optimal working conditions.
  • 【8U Standard】The cabinet has a height of 8U, which is a standard unit size. With 1U equaling 1.75 inches, 8U implies a height of 14 inches.
  • 【Translucent Design】Both sides are made of translucent acrylic, providing dust resistance and reduced weight. This design allows direct observation of the cabinet's interior, and users can add ambient lights for decoration.

GeeekPi DeskPi RackMate T1 Rackmount Server Case,Aluminum Alloy and Acrylic Frame Mini Server Chassis,Metal Rack Mount Computer Case for Raspberry Pi / Jetson Nano

Weight: 4.5 kg
Dimensions: 49 x 33 x 25 cm; 4.5 kg
Brand: GeeekPi
Model: DP-0022
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: GeeekPi