GeeekPi UNO R4 WiFi Ultimate Starter Kit, with Original UNO R4 WiFi, Smart IoT

GeeekPi UNO R4 WiFi Ultimate Starter Kit

GeeekPi UNO R4 WiFi Ultimate Starter Kit, with Original UNO R4 WiFi, Smart IoT & Basic Sensor Projects with Tutorials, Compatible with Arduino IDE, Includes Various Sensors and Accessories

  • This is an UNO R4 Wi-Fi kit. Based on the characteristics of the UNO R4 Wi-Fi board, we carefully selected a variety of sensors and used these sensors to gradually lead you to learn and explore in depth in the form of projects. Throughout the writing of the tutorial We also followed the principle of step-by-step and tried our best to guide everyone to complete the project step by step. After each project is completed, you will encounter higher challenges.
  • UNO R4 Wi-Fi Board — The kit includes an UNO R4 board with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing for wireless communication and connectivity.
  • Variety of Sensors — The kit includes a diverse range of sensors such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, motion sensors, light sensors, and more. These sensors enable users to collect data from the environment and interact with the physical world.
  • Step-by-step Tutorials — The kit comes with comprehensive tutorials that guide users through various projects, starting from basic concepts and gradually increasing in complexity. Each project is accompanied by clear instructions and explanations to help users understand the principles behind the experiments.
  • IoT Integration — The kit emphasizes IoT integration, allowing users to connect their projects to the internet and leverage cloud services. This enables functionalities such as remote monitoring, data logging, real-time control, and more.
  • Progressive Learning — The tutorials follow a step-by-step approach, allowing users to build upon their knowledge and skills as they progress through the projects. Each project introduces new concepts and challenges, encouraging continuous learning and exploration.
  • Opportunity for Creativity — While the tutorials provide a structured learning path, users are encouraged to experiment and customize their projects. This fosters creativity and innovation as users explore different applications and functionalities of the UNO R4 board and sensors.
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Weight: 980 g
Dimensions: 30 x 18.5 x 6.5 cm; 980 g
Brand: GeeekPi
Model: KZ-0054
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: GeeekPi

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for Arduino Uno R4 wifi KitWi-Fi/Bluetooth and Arduino Cloud compatibilityIntegration with Arduino IDEVariety of Sensors