Laptop Sun Shade, SunShader v3.5 Laptop Shade for Working Outside, US Patent

SunShader v3.5 Laptop Shade for Working Outside

Laptop Sun Shade, SunShader v3.5 Laptop Shade for Working Outside, US Patent 10963010 (Medium, Charcoal Grey)

  • SIZING: Refer to the Size Chart Image below. Measure your laptop width, not diagonal.
  • Update: SunShader 3.5 has been redesigned with improved extra-padded clips and it is 40% lighter weight!
  • SunShader 3.5 is the laptop sun shade to see your screen clearly in direct sunlight. SunShader keeps your laptop cool and your work private!
  • With SunShader, work efficiently from coffee shops, co-working spaces or with your friends on campus. From the beach, the pool, your backyard or balcony, from airports, airplanes or AirBnBs, or simply indoors by that bright office window!
  • We recommend you also purchase a Matte Screen Protector (search on Amazon) to remove the glossy reflection in your screen. SunShader works extremely well when paired with this.
  • SunShader is protected under Patent No. 10,963,010, China Patent CN306915214S, & Patent Pending in UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Taiwan & Singapore.

Product Description

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Productive Teams use SunShader

Productive teams don't sit at a desk all day, they move around, get outside, keeping motivation flowing and energy pumped.

Privacy Screen Protector

SunShader is the privacy screen keeping your work private on airplanes, trains, cafes, co-working spaces, parks and pools!

Anti-glare Laptop Sun Shade

SunShader prevents your laptop overheating & acts as a glare guard & cooling pad so can work on your yacht, your balcony, or your back yard.

SunShader saves your dignity

No need to look ridiculous in public. SunShader will save your shirt, your back and your dignity, while keeping your laptop cool and anti-glare.

Sun Shade Blocks out glare from the sun so you can see your screen clearly in direct sunlight.
Heat Shield SunShader prevents your laptop from overheating, protecting the long-term battery life.
Splash Shade Hood Keep unexpected light rain, splashes and bird poo from ruining your valuable laptop
Privacy Screen Keeps your work, and your team's work, private while working in cafes, co-working spaces and on campus
Portable SunShader folds flat so you can transport it in your bag alongside your laptop
Durable Materials Made from impact resistant long-lasting Leather and Microfiber
Flexible Clips SunShader attaches using proprietary rubberised clips that flex to different screen thicknesses.