12 inch Children's Bike Carbon Steel Kids Bike with Storage Basket Removable

AOOUNGM 12 Inch Kids Bike

12 inch Children's Bike Carbon Steel Kids Bike with Storage Basket Removable Auxiliary Wheels, Children'S Bike for Boys and Girls 3-6 Years Old

  • ✫High Durability: The bike frame is made of high quality carbon steel with good rust and wear resistance, so it is more durable and can be used for a long time.
  • ✫Safety Triangle Structure: The safety triangle structure of the bike has high stability, sturdiness, durability and shock resistance, so your child won't fall down due to the deformed surface of the training wheels.
  • ✫Dual Brake Mode: The bike has front and rear dual brakes, which makes the braking process safer and effectively improves safety.
  • ✫Anti-Skid and Wear-Resistant Tyres: Thickened and widened racing tyres are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, with a stylish appearance, while maintaining a high level of abrasion resistance and ground fixation. In addition, the PU material auxiliary wheels will not damage the floor, non-slip, wear-resistant and durable.
  • ✫Comfortable Saddle: The saddle made of synthetic leather is soft, comfortable and ergonomically designed, effectively relieving children's fatigue caused by long-term riding. In addition, there is a storage rack under the saddle at the back of the bike, where you can put a drink or a bottle of water.


1. Safety triangle: With the characteristics of stability, firmness, durability and earthquake resistance, the baby will not fall down because of the deformation surface of the training wheels.

2. High carbon steel frame: adopt ergonomic principle, adopt thickened frame tube wall, stronger bearing capacity.

The material is full, the body is stable, safe and strong.

3. Wear-resisting auxiliary wheel: the auxiliary wheel is made of environment-friendly material, which does not damage the floor, is skidproof and wear-resisting, and is durable.

4. Anti-skid and wear-resistant tires: thickened and widened racing tires are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and stylish in appearance, while maintaining a high degree of wear resistance and ground holding.


Weight: 7 kg

Size: 12 inches

Seat material: synthetic leather

Pedal material: plastic

Brakes: front and rear

Gender: universal

Bicycle material: high quality carbon steel

Color: blue

Packing Include:

1x 12inch children’s bike

Brand: Bukeey
Model: TS-WWHYYR-536-Feec-UK
Colour: blue
Manufacture: Bukeey
Department: Unisex Baby
Department: Unisex Baby