Boosteady Baseball Tee Baseball Batting Tee for Kids Softball & Baseball

Girls &Boys

Boosteady Baseball Tee Baseball Batting Tee for Kids Softball & Baseball Practice Tee Easy Adjustable Hight Portable Hitting Tee with Carry Bag for Youth,Girls &Boys

  • EASY TWIST LOCK: The height of the baseball tee is easily adjustable from 21"- 33". Once the twist lock is tightened, the metal post will not slide off. We surveyed baseball tees on the market and replaced complicated and fragile clips with easy twist locks.
  • ONE PIECE DESIGN: The batting tee comes in a one-piece design, eliminating the complexity of putting it together and making it easy to carry around without disassembling it, so you can take it with you in our included organizer bag.
  • STRONG STABILITY: We use a tripod design for more stability, you can also place the sandbags we provide on the bottom for the most stability.
  • DURABLE RUBBER TOP: The replaceable tee tops are made of durable and flexible rubber so you feel the ball, not the tee, when you hit the ball. NOTE: Do not hit the non-rubber portion of the tee.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: No tools are needed to open and close the tee, just like an umbrella, with your child's bare hands!
Size: adjustable from 21"- 33"
Dimensions: 34.6 x 17.4 x 10.6 cm; 1.12 kg
Model: KF0323
Colour: Yellow
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: BOOSTEADY
Department: Unisex-Youth
Department: Unisex-Youth
Size: adjustable from 21"- 33"

Product Description


Sandbag is included in the set

We provide sandbags (sand not included) to ensure that the tees do not fall over when in use.

To make it more stable, pls use the sand bag which coming in the package and follow the instructions below.

1. Take out the sandbag from the package and put the sand inside. Pls remember not to fill it up, but to squeeze the sand to both ends so that there is no sand or only a little in the middle of the sandbag.

2. Place the sandbag on the base with the middle of the sandbag close the pole.

3. Take another sandbag and stack it in the opposite direction from the first.

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Price £25.99£9.99£32.99£9.99£29.99£25.99
Size Over 100 baseballs 4.09 x 3.86 x 2.36 inches 16.2 x 13 x 3.9 inches 16.89 x 3.11 x 2.44 inches 5.5×10.6 inch Adjustable from 21″- 33″
Material Steel , Rubber,Screw Thermoplastic Steel , Rubber ,ABS Reinforced thermoplastics Steel , Rubber,Screw Steel , Rubber ,ABS
Application Baseball & Outdoor sports Baseball & Display any baseball or softball bat Baseball & Outdoor sports & Adjustable Height Baseball & Outdoor sports Baseball & Outdoor sports Baseball & Outdoor sports & Adjustable Height
Package Includes 1xBaseball Caddy 2x bat handle holder ,2x bat body holder , 8x screws 1xBaseball batting tee ,1xSandbag 1*Bat rack,4*Screws 1xBaseball batting tee ,1xCarrying bag ,1xSandbag 1xBaseball batting tee ,1xSandbag,1xCarry bag