DIWANGUS UK Hotas Desk Mount 1pcs, Joystick Desk Mount for Flight Sim Game

DIWANGUS UK Hotas Desk Mount 1pcs

DIWANGUS UK Hotas Desk Mount 1pcs, Joystick Desk Mount for Flight Sim Game Joystick Suitable for Thrustmaster T16000M FCS/TCA/T.Flight HOTAS 1/4, for Logitech G X52/X52 Pro/X56(Joystick NOT INCLUDED)

  • 【Extensive Compatibility】This joystick desk mount base is designed to support a wide range of control devices, including the Thrustmaster T16000M FCS hotas, T.Flight hotas 1/4, TCA Officer Pack Airbus edition, TCA Quadrant Add-on Airbus edition, TCA Captain Pack, as well as the Logitech G X52, X52 Pro, X56, and VKB Gladiator NXT among others.
  • 【Exceptional Design】Our setup is deliberately crafted to emulate a flight cockpit, offering users a deeply immersive gaming experience. Recognizing the potential for discomfort in the shoulders and neck from prolonged gameplay, our flight stand is designed for under-desk mounting. It also features height adjustability and uses screws for the further stabilization of your joystick, enhancing the user’s immersion without the strain.
  • 【Outstanding Stability】This hotas desk mount utilizes an aluminum alloy push-pull fast clamp that ensures quick installation and a strong grip, significantly reducing the likelihood of the device sliding or wobbling during intense gaming sessions.
  • 【Quick Assembly】Most of our flight stand arrives pre-assembled from the factory. With easy-to-follow assembly steps and pre-installed parts, you can complete the setup swiftly, avoiding the hassle of a cumbersome assembly process. In just two simple steps, you can easily mount it to your desk.
  • 【Height Adjustability】The mounting bracket at the bottom can be adjusted up and down to match your desk height, while the horizontal mounting arm can also be adjusted forward and backward. This accommodates various desk heights and seating preferences, helping you to discover the optimal balance of comfort and user-friendliness.

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