eklipt 25L Car Refrigerator, Portable Compressor Car Fridge Freezer 12/24V DC

eklipt 25L Car Refrigerator

eklipt 25L Car Refrigerator, Portable Compressor Car Fridge Freezer 12/24V DC and 100-240V AC Electric Cooler with 4 Fresh & Freeze Modes for Camping, Road Trip, Picnic, Cool Box, Down to -20℃ [Energy Class E]

  • 【Small Volume & Large Capacity】The car refrigerator is compact and portable, with a large capacity of 25L, better design brings more capacity. Portable Refrigerators can be easily moved and carried, and can be used anywhere. It functions as both a fridge and freezer, with easy temperature control for ultimate versatility. Ideal for truck drivers, boaters, campers and road-trippers, it keeps your food fresh and tasty on the go.
  • 【4 Fresh & Freeze Modes】The eklipt portable car refrigerator boasts 4 fresh & freeze modes to cater to your various needs. With just a press of a button, you can easily choose from frozen seafood (-18 °C), ice cream (-10 °C), fresh fruit (5 °C), and chilled drinks modes (10 ° C). It automatically adjusts the temperature to your desired level and keeps your food items fresh and cool for hours, making it perfect for road trips, camping, or any outdoor activities.
  • 【Fast Cooling & Low Power Consumption】With a powerful compressor, the 12 volt refrigerator can cool down to 0°C within 15 mins and reach the lowest -20°C about 75mins. The portable refrigerator for car has two cooling modes, including MAX(fast cooling) and ECO(energy saving). The overall energy consumption of our portable refrigerator is only 45W, it consumes far less than 1kWh/day for its intelligent cycle work.
  • 【Silent&Home/Car Dual-Use】With just 40 decibels of noise, our 12v car refrigerator lets you travel in a quiet environment. It can be powered by both 110/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, which covers a wide range of scenarios. Convenient for use both at home and on the road. eklipt 12v fridge comes with built-in LED light, makes it easy to see things at night.
  • 【Energy Saving & Battery Protection】eklipt RV refrigerator has 3 settable levels of battery protection mechanism- Low, Medium, and High, shielding your vehicle battery from running out. The electric car cooler only consumes the same power as a car navigator, running at the lowest power to keep food cool. It can also keep food cold for several hours even after power off
  • 【Accessories & Warranty】eklipt 12V refrigerator comes with both 110/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, offering versatile use for any scenario. We offer a 1-year product quality guarantee and have a professional customer service team ready to assist you with any questions you might have.
Weight: 11.5 kg
Dimensions: 37.8 x 62.3 x 32.5 cm; 11.5 kg
Brand: eklipt
Part: AS028
Colour: Black

Product Description


Why prompted to receive the refrigerator needs to be left for 12 hours?

Because of shaking or dropping problems during transportation, the lubricating oil in the compressor needs to be left for 12 hours to return to the correct position and the refrigerator can run better.

How to activate/turn on the refrigerator?

Initial startup is in standby mode, after displaying “OFF”, long press the on/off button for three seconds to complete the startup, the refrigerator has a one minute delayed startup setting, the refrigerator starts to enter the normal working mode.

How to turn off the refrigerator?

To turn off the refrigerator, you need to press and hold the switch for three seconds.

How to set the four freshness modes?

After unlocking the fridge, press “M” button to switch modes: Freezing, Fresh, Chilled, Cold Drinks. After selecting, when the refrigerator starts, it will automatically lower/raise to the temperature of the selected mode.

How to turn on/off the child lock?

No operation within 20 seconds, the refrigerator will be locked automatically, pressing any button after locking will not affect the setting of the refrigerator. Manually long press the lock button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the child lock.