Gaira's Guts Trilogy [1-3 collection] [Blu-ray]

Gaira's Guts Trilogy [1-3 collection] [Blu-ray]

Gaira's Guts Trilogy [1-3 collection] [Blu-ray]

Discover the visceral world of Kazuo ‘Gaira’ Komizu with the definitive trilogy boxset: “Guts of a Beauty,” “Guts of a Virgin,” and “Rusted Body.” Renowned for his bold storytelling and uncompromising vision, Gaira delves into the darkest corners of human nature and desire. Each film weaves a gripping narrative with unflinching imagery, pushing the boundaries of horror and eroticism. This collection is a must-have for fans of provocative cinema, offering a unique glimpse into the twisted genius of one of Japan’s most controversial directors.

Guts of a Beauty: In a world where innocence meets terror, a young woman finds herself at the mercy of a sadistic killer. As she navigates the urban labyrinth, she uncovers the true extent of her captor’s madness. Each encounter pushes her closer to the brink of sanity, blending horror with a raw exploration of human resilience.

Guts of a Virgin: A group of filmmakers on a remote shoot discovers that their secluded location harbors a dark secret. As night falls, they are hunted by a grotesque creature born from their worst nightmares. The lines between reality and horror blur as they fight for their lives, confronting their own fears and desires.

Rusted Body: In a dystopian future, a disfigured man grapples with his identity amidst a society that shuns him. As he searches for a place to belong, he encounters others who are similarly broken, each bearing their own scars. Their stories intertwine in a haunting tapestry of pain and redemption.


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