Parabolic Microphone, Spy Listening Device, Listen To Birds, Listen To Spy At

Parabolic Microphone

Parabolic Microphone, Spy Listening Device, Listen To Birds, Listen To Spy At Long Distance, Bird Sound Listening, Digital Device

  • ♙Versatility at its best: This parabolic dish directional microphone allows real-time listening, adjustable frequency controls through the telescope, multifunction recording, and playback option. Ideal for birdwatching and more.
  • ♙Advanced Audio Capturing: By utilizing an 8X Optical Telescope, you can easily adjust the focus and expand the viewing angle to capture every detail. With a simple knob to adjust object sharpness, you can always ensure that your audio is of the high-quality.
  • ♙Sound Amplification: Hear the faintest birdsong with this parabolic dish directional microphone. This device can detect and amplify sounds at a distance of 100 meters or more, allowing you to observe birds and animals without disturbing them.
  • ♙Better Bird Watching Experience: Immerse yourself in clear and crisp sound with our parabolic dish directional microphone. Filter out environmental noise and capture your target's audio for an unmatched bird watching experience.
  • ♙Easy Control: Fine-tune your audio with precision using our adjustable frequency knob. Enjoy crystal -clear sound and eliminate unwanted background noise with ease, enhancing your listening experience until you're completely satisfied.

Experience the wonders of the outdoors with our Outdoor Bird Listening Device. Featuring an 8x magnification and a knob to adjust object sharpness, you can observe birds up close in high detail. Reduce environmental noise and adjust the frequency knob to capture even the faintest sounds. With the recording function, you can relive your outdoor adventures and share them with others.

Specifications: 8X21 focusing telescope.
Effective observation distance: HD 8 meters ~ 1200 meters.
Material: optical glass lens, surface coated with transmittance enhancement film and broadband film.
Resolution: 166/1000 meters.
Field of view: 7.5°.
Accurate directional listening distance: 200 meters in the field quiet environment.
Volume adjustment: adjustable.
Return frequency range: 50 ~ 20000Hz.
Waveform distortion: less than 5%.
Sensitivity: -68 ~ -50dB.
Recording: Solid-state recording time 18 seconds.
Replay: solid-state recording playback accuracy ≥ 0.5%.
Transcription: Through the transcription linee, the recording can be transcribed to a computer, recorder or other audio equipment.
Energy consumption: switching circuit low energy consumption design, no power consumption when not in use. Use more than 6 hours.
Power supply: A 9V square battery (not included)
Host appearance: internal and external structural components using ABS, the surface of the environmental protection rubber non-slip spray paint.
Audio: waveform distortion is less than 0.8%.
Special high-fidelity earplugs for bird-listening instrument, clear sound quality reproduction and better noise isolation.

1x Host
1x sound collection disk
1x English manual

Weight: 703 g
Size: Refer to description
Dimensions: 10 x 29 x 10 centimetres
Model: ON10D66S6IH53UF351
Part: ON10D66S6IH53UF351
Colour: black set
Size: Refer to description