soundcore Sleep A20 by Anker Sleep Earbuds, Noise Blocking Sleep Headphones

soundcore Sleep A20 by Anker Sleep Earbuds

soundcore Sleep A20 by Anker Sleep Earbuds, Noise Blocking Sleep Headphones, Small Design for Side Sleepers, 80H Playtime, Stream Content via Bluetooth 5.3, Sleep Monitor, Personal Alarm

  • Full Night of Peaceful Sleep: Equipped with a range of features, experience our exclusive 4-Point Noise Masking System, Twin-Seal ear tips with 3x stronger Passive Noise Blocking, sound masking, and Smart Volume Control to prevent unwanted noise.
  • Ideal for Side Sleepers: Sleep A20 utilizes the combined efforts of soundcore’s Air Wing and 3D ergonomic design—wrapped in an ultra-soft material—for the added benefit of pressureless comfort, even when sleeping on your side.
  • Ultra-Long Playtime: Sleep mode boasts 14 hours of battery life on a single charge, extended to 80 hours with the case. Bluetooth mode offers 10 hours of playtime, with an additional 55 hours via the charging case.
  • Peacefully Stream Content via Bluetooth: Curate your sleep soundtrack with a stable Bluetooth 5.3 connection and a customizable white noise library to compose a perfect night's sleep.
  • Sleep Analytics for Better Sleep: Using a G-sensor, Sleep A20 tracks sleeping positions and movement through the night. Coupled with a Real-Time Clock, enjoy precise sleep quality analysis and gain invaluable insight into your nocturnal
Weight: 53 g
Size: 108mm x 108mm x 55mm
Dimensions: 2.48 x 1.74 x 1.55 cm; 53 g
Model: A6611
Batteries Included: 3 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Size: 108mm x 108mm x 55mm

Product Description

A6611G21A6611G21A6611G21Evenly Distributes Pressure

soundcore's exclusive Air Wing design spreads pressure evenly for pressureless comfort all night long.

” data-position=”triggerHorizontal” />Ultra-Soft Slumber

Crafted with a gentle skin-loving material, experience maximum comfort with Sleep A20's SGS-certified snuggly soft de

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