UYICOO Android Auto Wireless Adapter, 2024 Upgrade Android Auto Wireless

UYICOO Android Auto Wireless Adapter

UYICOO Android Auto Wireless Adapter, 2024 Upgrade Android Auto Wireless Dongle,Plug and Play Easy Setup,Wireless Android Auto Dongle Converts OEM Wired to Wireless Android Auto

  • 【Please note】The principle of this product is to convert your car's "wired Carplay" connection into a wireless connection, please make sure your car has the "wired Carplay" function. If you are not sure whether your car has Wired Carplay functionality, please ask us or your car dealer.
  • 【Android Auto Wireless Adapter】Say goodbye to wired connections, it's easy to convert your wired Android Auto to wireless with this wireless android auto adapter! You can continue to use the full Android Auto functionality and keep the original car operations such as navigation, music, Siri assistant and more (only compatible with Android Auto, not with other systems).
  • 【2024 Upgrade Easy to use】 We only need 3 simple steps to connect quickly and easily. Just insert and play, no extra drives, boring applications or system upgrades. After initial setup, our adapter will automatically activate the CarPlay wireless connection when the car starts. Have fun, once and for all.
  • 【Compatible Cars with Android Auto】You still find it difficult to choose an adapter for your car? Our Android Auto wireless dongle can be used with almost all models of wired Android carplay (also applicable to most alternative versions), android version 10 and above supported.
  • 【Lightweight and Compact Design】The lightweight design of this car adapter makes it compact and easy to carry, without occupying too much interior space. Include USB-to-USB-C adapters to support access to USB and USB-C ports.
  • 【Professional Service】Rest assured and enjoy high-quality products. Support and replacement of this CarPlay wireless adapter will be provided. Good question? Use problems? Please contact us and we will be happy to help you solve any problems.

Note: If you have detailed information, your CarPlay/Android automatic radio will be activated.2024 Best Android Auto Wireless AdapterCan’t find a Bluetooth or WiFi adapter?If this works for you, you can test it with other Android devices. If only a specific Android device can’t find Bluetooth or WiFi, try resetting the network and Bluetooth settings of the Android device, and then restart the phone again. If the same problem occurs on other devices in the Android system, the device may be faulty. In this case, please let us know and we will solve the problem for you.Audio input or output problems: the call was rejected or sent to voice mail/no sound was played/the microphone didn’t work/the music paused or paused/the voice didn’t work properly 1. Please check whether the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is connected to other devices. If this is the case, please ignore other Bluetooth devices that are automatically connected. 2. When using the dongle, please delete the programs running in the background from the mobile phone.Can the adapter be paired with multiple mobile phones?The dongle can be associated with multiple Android devices, but only one device can be connected at a time. Please note that by default, the dongle system will automatically connect to the last used iOS only.Can’t reconnect automatically?For some cars, in order to use the automatic connection function of dongle, we need to select automatic connection in CarPlay settings.Other cases:1. When you get on the bus, please make sure that the Bluetooth and WiFi functions of the mobile phone are enabled and the Bluetooth is not occupied.2. Delete the pairing record, restart the phone and remap the dongle.