WingRepel 20W Electric Fly Zapper with Upgraded Thickened Grid, Blue UV Fly

WingRepel 20W Electric Fly Zapper with Upgraded Thickened Grid

WingRepel 20W Electric Fly Zapper with Upgraded Thickened Grid, Blue UV Fly Killer Light Indoor, Mosquito Bug Insect Zapper for Home Kitchen Restaura

  • 【Superior UV Mosquito Lamps】Standard LED lights emit light from a single direction without diffusion, resulting in poor effectiveness and eye irritation. In contrast, our electric fly killer utilizes the renowned FSL UV tube technology, featuring stable 360° surround-suction waves that attract mosquitoes without flickering and are gentle on the eyes. Covering areas of 50-80㎡, it ensures excellent mosquito attraction.
  • 【Effective 365nm Light Wave】The bug zapper adopts efficient 365nm UVA light waves, emitted in a reflective manner, expanding the coverage range of variable-frequency light waves. Combined with unique mosquito-attracting light wave technology, it enhances the allure to flies, thus increasing attraction efficiency. Effective against mosquitoes, flies, and moths.
  • 【2400V Thicker & Wider Grid】Compared to traditional fine-mesh insect killer, which require mosquitoes to simultaneously touch two wires to trigger a shock, our upgraded fly zapper features a thicker and wider grid, allowing mosquitoes to be eliminated without full-body contact. Combined with 2400V high voltage, the escape rate of mosquitoes is significantly reduced.
  • 【Safety and User-Friendly Design】Our mosquito killer ensures safety and convenience for your family. It's odorless, chemical-free, and radiation-free, suitable for pregnant women and children. With built-in overload protection, it safeguards your investment by cutting power during electrical surges. The protective outer mesh prevents accidental finger contact with the grid. The easy-to-access tray ensures effortless cleaning, maintaining hygiene. Experience peace of mind with our advanced mosquito control solution.
  • 【100% Satisfaction】Enjoy peace of mind with our 12-month warranty on the blue fly light and 6-month warranty on the bulb. Contact customer service for hassle-free replacements if any issues arise. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Dimensions: 39 x 6 x 28 cm; 1.1 kg
Model: SD6020WR-CWJUK
Part: SD60-20WR
Manufacture: WingRepel

Product Description

The Smart Solution to Mosquito Troubles.

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