xwin Kids Portable Basketball Set Adjustable Basketball Hoop Backboard Net

xwin Kids Portable Basketball Set Adjustable Basketball Hoop Backboard Net for Children Adults Outdoor Ball Game Sports Gift for Boys Girls

xwin Kids Portable Basketball Set Adjustable Basketball Hoop Backboard Net for Children Adults Outdoor Ball Game Sports Gift for Boys Girls

  • : The Kids Basketball Hoop and Stand is designed to accommodate children as well as adults. Its adjustable feature allows you to customize the hoop's height according to the player's skills and age. Whether your child is just starting out or you want to challenge your friends to a friendly game, this basketball hoop can be adjusted to meet everyone's needs. With its flexibility, it can provide endless hours of fun for the whole family.
  • : One of the standout features of this basketball set is its durable backboard and net. The backboard is made of good material that can withstand intense gameplay. It is sturdy and can handle powerful shots without getting damaged. The net is also designed to be robust, ensuring that it won't tear or break easily. With the Kids Basketball Hoop and Stand, you can expect years of use without the need for frequent replacements.
  • : The Kids Basketball Hoop and Stand is a perfect companion for outdoor play. Its portable design allows you to easily move it to your preferred location, whether it's in the backyard, park, or even at a friend's house. Soak up the sun while shooting hoops and let your kids enjoy the fresh air and physical activity that basketball brings.
  • : The Kids Basketball Hoop and Stand provides an excellent opportunity for kids to stay active and healthy. Playing basketball helps improve and develop motor skills, and build muscle strength. Moreover, it fosters healthy competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship among players. By gifting this basketball set, you're not only providing a source of entertainment but also promoting a healthy lifestyle for your kids.
  • : The Kids Basketball Hoop and Stand make an ideal gift for boys and girls alike. It helps bridge the gender gap in sports and encourages inclusivity. The joy of shooting hoops and being part of a team is not limited to any gender. This basketball set provides an interactive and engaging activity that boys and girls can enjoy together. It offers a chance for siblings, friends, and even parents to bond and create lasting memories.

Product Features:

  • Metal Bars
  • Lon Lasting Stability
  • Larger Base
  • Adjustable Height

The Kids Basketball Hoop and Stand Portable Basketball Set is the perfect sports gift for boys and girls of all ages. This adjustable basketball hoop offers flexibility, allowing children and adults alike to enjoy countless hours of outdoor ball game fun.

The sturdy backboard and net ensure durability and longevity, even during intense games and vigorous practice sessions. With its portable design, this basketball set can be easily moved and set up in different areas, making it convenient for any backyard or driveway. The adjustable feature allows players to customize the hoop’s height, catering to various skill levels and growing kids. Made with good materials, this basketball hoop ensures stability and safety while providing an authentic playing experience.

Whether it’s a friendly competition or a serious match, this basketball set excitement and encourages physical activity for children and adults alike. With its professional tone of voice, this paragraph highlights the key features and benefits of the Kids Basketball Hoop and Stand Portable Basketball Set, making it an ideal choice for the ultimate sports enthusiast.

Size: Standard
Dimensions: 32 x 47 x 210 cm; 850 g
Brand: xwin sportseries
Model: UW1269175-Pool
Colour: Multi-coloured
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Koolbitz
Age: Kid
Department: Unisex-Youth
Department: Unisex-Youth
Size: Standard

Product Description


Playing basketball will enable children to learn cooperation and teamwork, and easier social interaction and communication with children of the same age. This will enhance their overall social skills which are important at a later stage in their lives. They will also have a taste of winning and losing and how to handle themselves in those situations. It will also promote a regular sleep pattern, as physical activity will induce feelings of tiredness.

Playing basketball involves running, jumping, kicking, and catching, and thus helps to build motor skills, particularly such as hand-eye coordination. Such sports help children to perfect skills such as retaining their balance and not falling down.

Endurance activities involved in playing basketball at Macquarie fields childcare involve continuous movement of large muscle groups, increase the heart and breathing rates, and thus help to build endurance levels, and maintain fitness.

Since basketball also involves bending and stretching, it will help to promote children’s flexibility. Maintaining flexibility ensures that they have a good posture and do not experience any kind of discomfort or pain.