Zhizaiql Inflatable Car Seat Divider, Back Seat Divider for Kids to Stop

Zhizaiql Inflatable Car Seat Divider

Zhizaiql Inflatable Car Seat Divider, Back Seat Divider for Kids to Stop Fighting and Reduce Stress for Parents On Long Driving, Portable Inflate and Deflate (Gray)

  • No Fighting: This back seat divider for kids partition creates a strong barrier and easily solves the problem of children (with special needs such as autism, and ADHD) arguing and fighting in the back seat. Car seat divider between seats prevents children from seeing or touching each other, reducing driver distraction and stress, and making every drive safer and calmer.
  • Portable Inflate and Deflate: Car seat dividers to separate kids inflate easily for instant installation and deflate when not in use for compact storage. Move between vehicles with ease and experience a stress-free ride every time.
  • Pvc Soft Flocking Material: Car divider made of strong and durable material, adaptable to different climates and height changes, ensuring that it is not easily damaged after long-term use.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Our back seat divider for kids fighting partitions measures 20 in x 25 in x 9.5 in when inflated and shrinks down to just 4.7 in x 6.7 in for easy storage. They're designed to fit any car with a center buckle, making them the ideal choice for family road trips, daily commutes, or weekend getaways.
  • Perfect for Pet Owners: Back seat divider for dogs and kids not only prevents children from disturbing each other, but it also prevents dogs from jumping into the front seat or moving around disturbing other passengers. This reduces distractions and potential dangers while driving.

Tired of the constant bickering and chaos in the backseat on road trips? Struggling with ineffective homemade partitions or bulky foam core panels that just don’t cut it? We understand. The noise and distraction of children arguing and fighting can not only be annoying but also dangerous for the driver. Our car dividers for between seat are designed to solve this problem. In one step, the easily inflated car seat divider between back seats can form a solid barrier. Children can no longer touch, poke or grab things from each other, and verbal quarrels can.stopped—just peace and quiet. This means you can concentrate on the road, making each journey safer and more serene for everyone. Perfectly sized for any vehicle, our car seat divider between seats for kids fighting is ideal for family road trips, everyday commutes, or weekend escapes. Also suitable for use with children with autism and ADHD and pets.

Weight: 522 g
Dimensions: 5.08 x 2.54 x 5.08 cm; 522 g
Model: IC01
Part: IC01
Colour: Gray
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Zhizaiql