AKNES Gulikit KK3 Max Controller with 4 Back Buttons, Hall Joysticks

AKNES Gulikit KK3 Max Controller with 4 Back Buttons

AKNES Gulikit KK3 Max Controller with 4 Back Buttons, Hall Joysticks and Triggers,1000Hz Polling Rate for Windows, Compatible with Switch/Steam Deck/Android/iOS/MacOS – Grey

  • Compatible with Switch, Switch OLED, Switch Lite, Steam Deck LCD and OLED, Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. 1000Hz polling rate achievable via wired/wireless on Windows.
  • Hall effect joysticks with 2200-level precision for more delicate micro-control, with deadzone switch and adjustable sensitivity. Patented "Smartrigger" Technology for digital or analog trigger modes.
  • The NEW Upgraded back buttons with 4 detachable rear metal paddles that mapping any face buttons (not programming / not macro). Comes with 6 metal rear paddles (3 pairs).
  • Records your operations for up to 10 minutes and map to the APG button, supports to use the joysticks for movement during the replay.
  • 3 vibration modes can be switched at anytime, Maglev motor vibration, HD linear motor vibration and rotor motor vibration, choose from 2 strength levels, light to strong.
  • Supports 8-direction or 4-direction d-pad modes, replaceable buttons, turbo/auto-turbo, 6-axis gyro, NFC-amiibo, Switch awake, and patented motion aim assist with 3-level sensitivity adjustment for FPS games on Windows/Android.
  • Skin-like surface and non-slip dotted texture grip. Adjustable RGB lighting modes. 950mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery.
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Product Description

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What's the 1000Hz polling rate means?

1000Hz polling rate is used to describe the speed at which data is exchanged with the device, the higher the value, the faster the speed and the lower the latency is proved. 1000Hz for KK3 Max is only supported on PC-Windows, wired or wireless.

What does Maglev Motor mean?

Maglev Motor is a new generation motor developed by GuliKit, it has three modes at the same time, Rotor motor mode, HD Liner motor mode, and Maglev vibration mode, you can switch your favorite mode at any time.

What's the Patent ‘Smarttrigger' technology of hall triggers?

The technique is that you can slide the switches on the back, to set for Digital Triggers enabling an ultra-fast rate of fire for shooting game, or Analog Triggers enabling pressure-sensitive action for car racing games.

What is the new upgraded version of KK3 Max and KK3 Pro? What is upgraded? Is this linked to a new version?


The mainly optimizes the internal structure of the back buttons, and has been tested.

In addition, the RGB ring material around the joysticks has also been optimized and is smoother.

There are also some optimizations for internal materials.

What is the relationship between GuliKit and AKNES?

We are the exclusive agent of GuliKit.

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