Cygni – All Guns Blazing – Xbox Series

Cygni - All Guns Blazing - Xbox Series

Cygni – All Guns Blazing – Xbox Series

  • Shmup Storytelling: With next-generation visuals, animation and special effects, CYGNI is a new benchmark in cinematic Shoot ´Em Up.
  • Solo or Local Co-op: Be the lone fighter, or one of two in local co-op, battling through intensely hostile levels filled with waves of air and ground assaults.
  • Gripping combat: Choose where to route energy on the fly switching between shields (defensive) or weapons systems (offensive). Collect energy to power up your ship and energise weaponry from hard-hitting projectiles to an array of missiles. Launch air to air and air-to-ground attacks as you traverse neon-lit metropolises, oceans, and various otherworldly landscapes.
  • Next Gen Visuals & Sounds: Enjoy the high quality and beautifully crafted unique visuals and effects of this cinematic experience. Immersive sound design and high quality, original, and fully orchestrated music you’ll enjoy listening to even if not playing.
  • CROWD System (AI): The crowd system drives ground units – being built to behave giving them intelligent and believable behaviours, patterns, and formations. Enemy behaviour reacts to player as opposed to having pre-set shot patterns and placements.

An unrelenting onslaught of eye-popping visuals, ear bursting soundscapes and mind-melting action makes CYGNI the vanguard for the next generation of Shoot ´Em Ups. Outgunned and outmanned, plunge into a sky full of hell in a last-ditch war for survival. Choose to route energy between weapons or shield systems and go up against unrelenting waves of ground and aerial enemies. Upgrade your ship and take down colossal alien bosses in visceral combat and do whatever it takes to survive. CYGNI assaults the eyes, ears and mind to deliver an extraordinarily exhilarating video game experience. CYGNI does not seek to reinvent Shoot ´Em Ups but to elevate the genre to deliver the heightened sensations of a truly next-generation experience. Encamped within the remains of a long-lost civilization on the planet CYGNI, Earth forces are decimated by a surprise attack from a powerful, biomechanical, alien race. As one of the last pilots on the last carrier in the fleet, you are the only line of defence against the unyielding alien bombardment.


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