Générique Beech Wood Sawdust 10 Litres Natural Smoking 0.35 to 0.9 mm All

Générique Beech Wood Sawdust 10 Litres Natural Smoking 0.35 to 0.9 mm All Smokers All Kinds of Food

  • 100% natural smoking wood of French origin. Production of small flakes that retain heat for hours, giving an even and consistent smoke without risk of extinction
  • Beech wood will give your food a delicate, delicious and authentic smoky flavor and an appetizing golden color. Ideal for cooking all types of fish, red or white meats or vegetables, including smoked salmon, duck, breast, ham and cold meats
  • Simple, easy to use, slow burning and durable. They can be used in professional smokers or in all types of barbecues. Their format can accommodate both individuals and kitchen specialists
  • Dried sawdust, sifted & dusted. Our natural smoking wood respects a grain size of 0.35 to 0.9 mm and a humidity level of 9 to 11%
  • Untreated wood from forests managed according to renewability and sustainability criteria
  • Economical and high quality: best value for money

Made in France. 100% natural beech sawdust, dried, dusted and sifted in our factory located in France. If you want to smoke your meat, poultry and fish, you are looking for the best, our sawdust is for you! Without chemical treatment, our beech sawdust adapts perfectly to your smoker or barbecue to ensure easy ignition, gradual combustion and tasty smoking. Our wood comes exclusively from French and sustainable forests to ensure the replanting of trees as well as perfect traceability of our products. Its airtight packaging allows the sawdust to retain all its taste properties, so it remains dry throughout your consumption. It is the reference of professionals finally available in format adapted to individuals. Try it, you will be convinced! Granulometry 0.35 to 0.9 mm

Weight: 2.5 Kilograms
Model: SC He GF 02.5Ne