Aiglam Irrigation System Garden, Drip Irrigation Kit 30M Automatic Irrigation Micro Sprinkler Shrub Drip Kit Garden Irrigation for Landscape, Flower Bed, Patio Plants (149pcs)


  • 【Unique design】 The micro nozzle can be adjusted to change or even turn off the amount of water. The drip irrigation kit contains all the components required to start the system via a faucet or garden hose. The irrigation area is widened so that you no longer need to water the plants by hand.
  • 【Easy to install】 Install the irrigation system in just minutes. You do not have to dig or whistle. You can start watering your plants immediately.
  • 【Save Water and Money】 Save up to 70% of water compared to conventional sprays and water droplets, making your system ideal for storing water in dry conditions.
  • 【Wide range of applications】 For atomization, lawn irrigation, patios, gardens, vegetable irrigation, roof cooling, irrigation etc.
  • 【Even more fun】 Reduce stress, relax and let the kids understand plant growth and enhance practicality. Removable nozzle for easy cleaning, greenhouse nursery for watering flowers, moistening the cooling, saving space.

Product description

30m Irrigation System Garden, Aiglam Micro Drip Irrigation Kit Automatic Irrigation Automatic Sprinkler Drip Irrigation Kit Garden Irrigation for Landscape, Flower Bed, Patio Plants

> The microjets can be adjusted to change the size of the mist or even shut it off.

> No need to dig or do plumbing work. Cut the hose itself, adjust the dimensions to local conditions with a fixed spindle, more suitable.

Weight: 962 g

Color: Black

Package size: 22 * 17 * 11.4cm

Material: rubber and plastic

Package contents:

2 * 4mm capillary 15m to transport water

1 * 3-way ball valve for hose separation

2 * pointed quick connection

1 * nipple connection, quick connection

1 * Raw material belt to prevent the tap from leaking

30 * Little Red Riding Hood dropper with adjustable dropper

20 * orange nozzle with adjustable dropper

30 * positive tee, hose connection

20 * flat tee, hose connection

30 * solid rod, solid dropper

2 * capillary plug, tailpipe clogged

10 * continuous, hose connection


1. The amount of water from the dropper is affected by water pressure and other factors. When the water pressure is low, the water performance is poor at the end. It is recommended to use several pipes at the same time. Each pipe connects a certain number of drip heads according to the actual water pressure.

2. Soak the end of the hose in hot water for one minute before sliding on the fittings. It gets easier and when it cools, the tube will stay firm.

3. If possible, use the water tap fitting, otherwise the rubber hose may slip at high water pressure.

First Available: 2 April 2019


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