Christow Star Pathway Lights, Outdoor Christmas Path Stake Decorations, Flashing

Christow Star Pathway Lights

Christow Star Pathway Lights, Outdoor Christmas Path Stake Decorations, Flashing Warm White Micro LED, Mains Powered (4 x 50cm)

  • MICRO LED STAR PATH LIGHTS: Make your lawn look magical at Christmas with these Micro LED Star Path Lights from Christow. Each set includes 4 metal star silhouettes which are illuminated by 120 warm white micro LEDs and come with attachable ground stakes to brighten paths and borders. You can also leave the stakes off and mount them to a wall.
  • CHOOSE FROM 8 FLASH EFFECTS: The transformer plug has a button which you can press to filter through 8 flash effects, including a chasing effect which makes the bulbs light up one after the other like they're chasing each other. Other effects include twinkle and slow fade. If you don't want the lights to flash, you can also select a normal static function.
  • DISPLAY THEM UP TO 1-METRE APART: Each star light is linked to the next by a 1-metre cable. This allows you to display the pathway lights across an area measuring approximately 3-metres long (1-metre cable between the first and second star light, 1-metre between the second and third star light, and a 1-metre cable between the third and fourth light).
  • FLOATING STAR EFFECT: Each star has a black frame, black LED wires, and a black ground stake. Because they’re black, they’re less visible when the micro LEDs light up at night. This makes the stars look like they’re floating to create a beautiful starry sky effect. The micro LEDs also glow more intensely than normal LEDs to create a brighter feature.
  • MAINS-POWERED WITH 5-METRE CABLE: The path lights are powered by a UK BS IP44 plug which is suitable for plugging into an indoor mains socket. It’s also suitable for plugging into an IP66-rated weatherproof outdoor socket. A 5-metre power cable allows you to easily plug the lights into an indoor socket if you’re displaying them outside your home.
SKU: B098R39F5D
Dimensions: 42 x 32.9 x 6.2 cm; 650 Grams
Manufacture: Christow

Product Description

starsMicro LED Star Path LightsChoose from 8 Flash EffectsDimensions
Multi Colour LED Star Path LightsWarm White LED Star Path LightsWhite Snowflake Path LightsGreen Acrylic Christmas Tree Path LightsWarm White Micro LED Star Path LightsMulti Micro LED Star Path Lights
Number of LEDs per Cane 10 10 10 1 30 30
Number of Stakes 4 4 4 4 4 4
Colour Multi Colour Warm White White Green Warm White Multi Colour
Battery Powered
Mains Powered
Timer Function
Memory Function