E-RIDES Portable Washing Machines,7L Mini Washing Machine and Spin Dryer,Small

7L Mini Washing Machine and Spin Dryer

E-RIDES Portable Washing Machines,7L Mini Washing Machine and Spin Dryer,Small Washing Machine and Dryer Machine,Washer Dryer for Underwear, Sock, Baby Clothes, Camping, RV, Travel, Apartment [Energy Class A]

  • Multi-Mode Convenience : Our portable washing machines simplifies laundry chores with four versatile modes, each completing a cycle in just 20-36 minutes. With one-touch operation, you can choose the mode that suits your laundry needs, making laundry a breeze.
  • Efficient Washing & Drying : This portable washer dryer machine features a unique agitator that mimics handwashing to provide thorough and efficient cleaning. Additionally, it ensures your laundry is efficiently dried up to 86%, making it perfect for quick air-drying.
  • Powerful Cleaning : Equipped with a high-power copper motor and a powerful turbine, this portable washer dryer machine swiftly eliminates stains from baby clothes and other fabrics. It offers ozone sterilization for comprehensive disinfection and fabric care.
  • Versatile and Compact & Enhanced Stability : Mini washing machine with a 7L capacity, it's perfect for washing small items like socks, underwear, baby clothes, and towels. The integrated anti-slip mat ensures stability during use, preventing any unwanted movement and providing a reliable laundry solution.
  • Portable Convenience :Whether you reside in apartments, dorms, nursing homes, or enjoy camping, travel, or tourism, this small washing machine is your perfect laundry solution. It's easy to store and transport, providing efficient clothes washing wherever you are.

Portable Washing Machines

Portable Washing Machine

This portable washer dryer machine is the ideal choice for your household laundry needs. Packed with multiple features and convenience, it caters to washing demands in various settings, from home to camping, it’s always ready to deliver.

Product Highlights:

Color: White/Beige

Washing Method: Circulating Water Cleaning

Control: Button Operation

4 Speed Settings: Tailor your washing experience

Timer Function: Set and forget

Capacity: 7 liters

Configuration: Single drum design

Dimensions: 10.24 x 10.04 x 11.81 inches

For Various Scenes: Ideal for camping, apartments, dorms, and home use

Water Outlet: Sensing water outlet

Material: Interior made of PP+ABS (high-quality plastics)

Outer Shell: PP+ABS

Power Supply: 110-220V, 24Hz

Weight: Only 7.28 Pounds, easy to carry

Inlet Hose Length: 5 Feet

Drainage Hose Length: 5 Feet

This mini washing machine offers powerful cleaning, versatile settings, and portability, making laundry tasks a breeze. Whether you’re at home, camping, or in an apartment, it’s designed to meet your laundry needs. The ozone sterilization ensures hygiene during the wash, and the self-cleaning drum prevents secondary contamination.

Its compact design and anti-slip mat keep it stable during use, preventing unwanted movement. Suitable for daily washing as well as camping and travel, it saves time and effort.

Choose this portable washing machine for a practical and efficient laundry solution, no matter where you are.

Weight: 3.3 kg
Dimensions: 26 x 30 x 25 cm; 3.3 kg
Brand: E-RIDES
Part: KH-9916
Batteries Required: No