AKNES Gulikit Hall Effect Joysticks for Steam Deck OLED, Left/Right Thumbstick

AKNES Gulikit Hall Effect Joysticks for Steam Deck OLED

AKNES Gulikit Hall Effect Joysticks for Steam Deck OLED, Left/Right Thumbstick Replacement with Original Touch Sensing for Steam Deck OLED – Electromagnetic Joystick with Caps, No Soldering

  • Gulikit Electromagnetic Module hall effect sensor joystick perfectly fits Steam Deck OLED console.
  • Say goodbye to stick drift, creeping, stuttering, blind spots, non-centered, broken, and loose joysticks with the hall effect joystick.
  • No need to worry about soldering, the joystick comes with installation caps that preserve Steam Deck OLED original touch functionality.
  • Calibrating the joystick is easy with the calibration button located on the joystick plate. If the light point is off-center, just press the small switch to calibrate. (Follow our simple installation and calibration steps outlined in the pictures. )
  • Shop with confidence and enjoy top customer support from AKNES. Contact us if you run into any issues and we'll be happy to assist you. Read more about us on our store page.

Product Description

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Why does the joystick cap feel misaligned or make abnormal noise?

Please press the stick cap down hard to avoid stucking joystick by floating stick cap against case.

Why are the dot of joystick slightly uncentered in the joystick calibration page?

Because of the physical structure, the GuliKit electromagnetic joystick has very high precision within ±2 degrees. In the no-dead zone state, the joystick may not return to center(0,0) exactly.

What should I pay attention to before installation?

1, Discharge the Steam Deck OLED battery to below 10%

2, Remove the SD card.

Why do I hear a clicking sound when I make a full circle?

This is due to the entanglement between the wire and the base of the joystick. Try to bend the contact point between the wire and the base to avoid it.

If it still happens after this, please find us for after-sales support.

What is the relationship between GuliKit and AKNES?

We are the exclusive agent of GuliKit.

There are different sellers currently selling.

AKNES, focusing on the products we provides, also attaches great importance to buyer services. You can search (AKNES) everywhere to see what we're doing.

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