Duronic Dual Air Fryer with Visual Window AF34 Black and Silver, 3 draws

Duronic Dual Air Fryer with Visual Window AF34 Black and Silver

Duronic Dual Air Fryer with Visual Window AF34 Black and Silver, 3 draws Included, Dual Zone Family Sized Multi Cooker, 1 x 10L Large Drawer, 2 x 5L Twin Drawers

  • EAT HEALTHIER WITH THE 2400W DURONIC AIR FRYER AF34: Experience healthier, tastier dishes with the Duronic air fryer oven, the pinnacle of dual drawer air fryer technology. With its advanced hot air circulation, enjoy your favourite meals with little to no oil. This large dual air fryer health cooker with 2400W power ensures efficient, perfect cooking every time, offering a smarter alternative to traditional deep frying allowing you to enjoy your food without sacrificing your health.
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY FOR FAMILY MEALS: This advanced large air fryer oven uses minimal to no oil to air-fry a variety of foods, from crispy chips to tender chicken, succulent fish, and vibrant vegetables. This multi-cooker's versatility is enhanced by interchangeable drawers, allowing you to switch between two 5L drawers and a single 10L AFD1 drawer, making it perfect for both daily meals and special occasions.
  • DUAL AIR FRYER BLACK AND SILVER WITH VISUAL WINDOW FOR MULTI-COOKING: The Duronic air fryer features dual 5L drawers, each equipped with a clear viewing window and internal light for easy monitoring. These drawers allow for oil-free frying and baking desserts like cakes and brownies in large quantities simultaneously, making meal preparation both effortless and versatile.
  • SIMPLIFIED COOKING WITH 10 PRE-SET FUNCTIONS: This user-friendly dual air fryer enables you to effortlessly reheat, bake desserts like cakes, air fry chips, roast chicken, or even dehydrate fruits using the 10 pre-set cooking modes. Customise your cooking experience with the Sync Cook and Sync Finish functions, ensuring your meals are perfectly synchronised whether you’re matching settings in both drawers or cooking different dishes to finish simultaneously.
  • OIL-FREE HEALTH COOKER FOR HEALTHIER MEALS: The Duronic air fryer AF34 oven revolutionises your kitchen experience by offering an oil-free frying solution, perfect for health-conscious individuals. Using this dual air fryer with visual window, enjoy your favourite dishes like chips, or even bake desserts such as brownies with minimal fat. Its dual air fryer capability ensures that healthier eating is both simple and delicious, making it an ideal alternative to traditional deep frying.
  • RAPID AIR TECHNOLOGY FOR FAST AND DELICIOUS RESULTS: Experience the future of cooking with the Duronic air fryer AF34, which employs rapid air technology to cook meals faster and more efficiently than a conventional oven. This large air fryer oven not only speeds up the cooking process but also ensures that each meal is cooked evenly, delivering perfect results every time.
  • SLEEK DESIGN MEETS KITCHEN PRACTICALITY: The Duronic dual drawer air fryer AF34 is not just about powerful cooking performance; it also boasts a sleek design that complements any kitchen decor. Its compact size and efficient cable storage solution ensure that your kitchen remains tidy and organised, even when creating the most elaborate meals. This large air fryer combines style with practicality, making it a must-have appliance for modern, health-conscious kitchens.
  • HEALTHY AND SUSTAINABLE COOKING: Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with the Duronic air fryer oven AF34, a kitchen appliance that prioritises both your health and the environment. By reducing oil usage and opting for this energy-efficient cooker, you're choosing a sustainable path. Prepare a variety of meals, from vegetables to fish, knowing that you're making a positive impact on the planet while indulging in delicious, healthy meals crafted to perfection.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Large Air Fryer. Twin drawer capacity: 10L (2x 5L fry drawers). Large drawer capacity: 10L. Colour: Black and Silver Power: 2400W (1200W per cooking zone). Cooking temperature: Minimum 50°C / Maximum 200°C. Size: 39×37.7×32.5cm / 15×14.8×9.1in. Inner drawer size: 22.5×14.5x11cm / 8.9×5.7×4.3in. Cable length: 105cm / 41.3in. Fitted with 3-pin BS UK plug.
Weight: 13 kg
Dimensions: 37.7 x 32.5 x 39 cm; 13.02 kg
Brand: Duronic
Model: AF34
Colour: Black, Silver

Product Description

overview of the af24 air fryer, fish in one drawer and garlic bread in the other drawerthe sync cook function demonstrated with both drawers open and fries in both

Sync Finish

The Sync Finish mode allows you to cook different foods in each Zone compartment which may require a different time or temperature to each other.

  1. five minute quick cook function shown with toasted cheese sandwich

    Quick Cook Function

    Cook hot snacks in just 5 minutes!

  2. pre-heat function shown with frozen chicken nuggets on a plate

    Pre-Heat Function

    Pre-Heat the trays to get frozen food off to a quick start

  3. reheat function shown with a lasagne on a plate with herbs

    Reheat Function

    Enjoy yesterday's leftovers with the reheat function

  4. dehydrate function shown with dried fruits and vegetables

    Dehydrate Function

    Create healthy snacks with the Dehydrate function

1Quick Cook2Pre-Heat3Reheat4Dehydrate

Additional Features

hand presses lamp button, drawer below is illuminated and the food cooking is visiblehand removing the inner tray with a close up of the non-stick coatingdimensions image showing the size and shape of the air fryer, the drawer and inner traysize and dimensions of the two smaller dual drawers

Is an Air Fryer worth it?

The Duronic Air Fryer AF34 stands out for its ability to cook meals in a healthier way, utilising rapid air circulation technology that drastically reduces the need for oil, cutting down the fat content by up to 80%. Not just limited to frying, this versatile appliance also bakes, grills, and roasts, offering a wide range of cooking options from crispy fries to roasted chicken, all while being incredibly efficient and user-friendly with its digital control panel. This combination of health benefits, versatility, and convenience make this dual Air Fryer a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to enjoy their favourite dishes in a healthier, simpler, and more efficient manner.

Below are some more questions regarding an Air Fryer:

Are air fryers healthy? Yes, dual air fryers are considered a healthier alternative to traditional deep frying. The Duronic Air Fryer AF34 uses rapid air circulation technology to cook food, which drastically reduces the need for cooking oil. This method can lower the fat content of your meals by up to 80%, making dishes like fried chicken, chips, and other traditionally oily foods much healthier without compromising on taste and texture.

How the Air Fryer works: The Duronic Air Fryer AF34 works by circulating hot air around the food at high speed, cooking the food and producing a crispy layer similar to frying. This is achieved through a combination of a heating element and a fan within the unit. The 2 drawer air fryer's design allows heat to be distributed evenly, ensuring food is cooked thoroughly with a desirable crispy exterior. This method also cooks food faster than conventional ovens, making it an efficient cooking appliance.

Can I cook raw chips in my Air Fryer? Absolutely! You can cook raw chips in the Duronic Air Fryer AF34. The dual air fryer is perfectly designed for cooking homemade chips from raw potatoes. Simply cut your potatoes into the desired shape, add a minimal amount of oil if you choose, and let the 2 drawer air fryer do the rest. The result is crispy, delicious chips with a fraction of the oil typically used in deep frying.

Are Air Fryer chips healthy? Yes, chips cooked in a dual air fryer like the Duronic AF34 are healthier than their deep-fried counterparts. Because air frying requires significantly less oil, the chips have a lower fat content. This cooking method not only produces chips that are crispy and delicious but also better for your health, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to reduce their oil intake without sacrificing taste.

What Can I Cook in an Air Fryer? The Duronic Air Fryer AF34 is incredibly versatile, allowing you to fry, bake, grill, and roast a wide variety of foods. From vegetables and meats to even baked goods, this dual air fryer can handle it all, making it a multifunctional appliance ideal for any kitchen.

How do I clean an Air Fryer? The Duronic Air Fryer AF34 is designed with convenience in mind, featuring non-stick, dishwasher-safe components for easy cleaning. The basket and pan can be removed and washed in the dishwasher, simplifying the cleanup process after cooking.

How Much Food Can I Cook in an Air Fryer? The Duronic Air Fryer AF34 has a generous cooking capacity, with a capacity of 10 litres, making it suitable for families or those who like to prepare meals in batches. It can cook a substantial amount of food in one go, making this dual air fryer perfect for ensuring efficient meal preparation.

Can the Air Fryer Help with Meal Prep? Yes, the Duronic Air Fryer AF34 can be a valuable tool for meal prep, thanks to its quick cooking times and versatility. You can prepare a variety of dishes ahead of time, from roasted vegetables to marinated meats, all ready to be reheated or served throughout the week using this dual air fryer, saving time and effort in your meal preparation routine.