Garden Hose 150ft 45m HmiL-U Strongest Double Latex Inner Tube Prevent Leaking

Garden Hose 150ft 45m HmiL-U Strongest Double Latex Inner Tube Prevent Leaking Magic Hosepipe with 9 Function Spray Gun+Solid Brass Fittings (Retracted Length 50ft)【2 Years 100% Guaranteed】(150ft)

  • & # x2714 the newest and best high quality meterial: with latest material latex tube can efficient protection. Rigorous testing has shown that this new material Garden Hose has an extended life, which can be used for at least once 1000-1500 under 6.0 kg, water pressure, while others only have 500 – 600 times.
  • & # x2714; Premium Quality 9 Multi Function Nozzle: e.g. full spray, Cone, Centre Jet, Mist, Shower Jet and flat spray etc to choose Geliebteund Entsprechendestil.Best suited for garden work, lawn, plants & shrubs, cars, dog and pets or more stubborn and communal workspaces. Turn the spray nozzles wheel to the appropriate pattern Easy to choose.
  • & # x2714 schwer metal hanger & non woven storage bag – Our high-quality metal hose bracket is specially designed to just connect secure storage of your garden hose to your outdoor tap to be hanging or easily attached to a wall or fence.
  • & # x2714 2 years 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Guaranteed Return or replacement.
  • & # x2714; to the end, strong kink- rubber interior, Langlebigerbonus adaptor and double outside strap make this hoses not leaking and suitable for high and low pressure water systems. What other products in the seller's own terms with plastic fittings are really easy to break. 3 x erweitern – The Magic your hose expands up to three times the original length and then automatically to the original to the original length when the water is turned off, as seen on TV.
Dimensions: 26 x 10 x 31 cm; 2.8 kg
Part: 150
Manufacture: HmiL-U
Reference: 150

Product Description



Including garden watering,house / car / floor / yard washing, pet cleaning, having fun or business use. This garden hose is quite functional and long enough to make it easy and convenient for maneuvering around the garden with just one hose.


Garden hose comes with a high-quality latex core that ensures strength and durability. No more breakage, abrasion, or leakage when you using the water hose.

Warm tips:

1.The advertised length is the expanded length.

2.Do not run hot water through this hose.

3.The length of hose varies with water pressure, expands up to 50 feet with about 0.6mpa of water pressure.

4.This type of hose can not be connected to the “Quick Connect”Type connector;


6 IN 1 Garden Hose.

Package Include:

1*Garden Hose(150ft)

1*9 Modes Functional Spray gun

1*User Manual

1*Heavy Duty Hose Hanger ( Worth 5)

1* Storage Bag

You can use the hose hanger to hang your hose on the outdoor tap, on the wall. Or put it into the non-woven bag.