Teenza Telescopic Ladder 3.2m/10.5ft, Aluminium Extendable Ladder with Hooks

Teenza Telescopic Ladder 3.2m/10.5ft

Teenza Telescopic Ladder 3.2m/10.5ft, Aluminium Extendable Ladder with Hooks and stabiliser, Multi-height Adjustment, Convenience for Home, Attic Access, Warehouse Work, etc.

  • Telescopic extension ladder 3.2m: Aluminium ladder with a maximum extension of 320cm, quickly used for painting walls, cleaning drains, accessing lofts, caravan camping use, etc.
  • Different height adjustments: Compact size for easy handling, place anywhere in the corner of your home for daily use. Adjustable heights with safety locks for excellent performance in tight attics, garages, etc.
  • Stable Configuration: New top hooks and bottom widening balance bar (width-68cm), in response to more scenarios of top with railing type through the hooks stable connection, so that when working in high places to obtain a greater load balance.
  • Use operation: no need to assemble, after pulling up the rungs one by one, both sides of the latch automatically lock, adjust to the height of the demand; contraction of one side of the first switch off, hold the upper part with your hand, and then close the other side of the switch when slowly put down, repeat this operation, to avoid the impact of the rapid descent to prolong the service life.
  • Features: Step spacing – 30cm, step width – 4cm, commonly used to quickly carry out daily lightweight type of work. Built-in steel latch provides a maximum load capacity of -150kg.
  • Note: The use of the angle of 75 degrees; need to keep the ladder clean to avoid paint, debris affect the internal structure; the top three steps are not recommended to stand (easy to lose balance), please fully consider the size of the ladder you need.
SKU: B0875H1437
Weight: 10.4 kg
Size: 3,2 m
Dimensions: 80 x 47 x 7 cm; 10.38 kg
Model: KME1032
Part: HV-VH-201
Colour: Silvery
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Teenza
Quantity: 1
Size: 3,2 m

Product Description

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Price £79.99£119.99£46.99£54.99
Material Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Net weight 8.6 kg 15 kg 3.2 kg 5 kg
Folded Size 74×45×7 cm 98×45×8 cm 88x45x5.5 cm 110x45x5.5 cm
Step width 4 cm 4 cm 30×17 cm 30×17 cm
Step spacing 30 cm 30 cm 22 cm 22 cm